"If it doesn't exist, create it!" Afterall, I had kept in touch with so many of my clients, why not ask them what they wanted from the ultimate Barbers! The results are what you see here!
Serving decent coffee was an instant winner, as was Sport on a Widescreen TV. Other things became clear too, like guys liking their own space, hence sperate leather couches.

Oh, and the haircuts of course!
Wind down in our vibrating backwash chairs (ask if you want them on, we don't want to emabrass you!) and enjoy a relaxing head massage before we give you a superb haircut based on years of experience cutting Men's Hair, whether you are after the latest in Funky Fashion, or an Old School Short Back and Sides. So come join us for a beer and see what all the fuss is about - afterall, it's the place YOU created!


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